A Naan home is a Lagom home

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What Lagom means

Have you ever heard of this word? I'm sure you know very well what Hygge means, the Danish word that defines knowing how to enjoy the little things, a relaxing moment with your cup of coffee or reading a book. But what does Lagom mean? We'll explain it to you.

This word was coined by the Swedes and means exactly "neither too much nor too little, just enough". It defines a lifestyle that is becoming more and more popular, that of not accumulating, but having everything that we really like, that excites us, that we love and that is useful to us. For a long time now we have all been tired of keeping, accumulating and storing, we want to let go and free up space in our homes and in our minds, to have a pleasant decoration that does not overload the eye.

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But it is not only trendy because it helps our mental wellbeing by giving us peace of mind, it is also environmentally sustainable, as it encourages us to be conscious about everything we buy and put in our homes and, at the same time, it moves us away from compulsive buying. It brings us closer to taste and design, to handcrafted, local and ethical materials. Because we want furniture that we not only like and that is practical, but that is durable and timeless. Furniture that you will never get bored of and that will be with you for years to come.

This is a house that is somewhere between minimalism and consumerism, a house in which there is room for certain whimsical spaces, in which we choose design and quality.

What a Naan home looks like

A Naan house is a Lagom house because:

  • We embrace life in nature. We do not understand life in any other way than by taking care of our environment, the environment that surrounds us and the resources we take from it. That is why the wood we use is sustainable, respectful wood.
  • We are not afraid to reuse leftovers - nothing is thrown away in this house! We make use of every last piece of wood, thus avoiding waste and giving rise to new products, such as our vases Corda. 

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  • We would rather spend on something good and durable than on something affordable and poorly made. The key is always quality. We believe that it is better to have few but good and beautiful things than to accumulate a lot of low-quality objects.
  • We give priority to environmentally friendly materials. Yes or yes, there is no doubt about it. We have the PEFC certificate that certifies our wood as sustainable wood. 
  • We want balance and simplicity around us. If there is balance, there is peace. We dedicate time to ourselves, to do whatever we are passionate about, finding the right balance. We live a stress-free, peaceful life.

Lagom is the recipe for Swedish happiness.


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