Why choose untreated wood?

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For its warmth

We love wood, we don't have to say that loudly, do we? But we like it just as it comes into the world, untreated. The sensation of sliding our fingers over its surface and feeling its texture, breathing its smell or feeling its warmth, makes us fall in love with it.

And in the Nordic countries they know this well, which is why this material is one of the main keys to Scandinavian decoration. The kings of hygge and Lagom need cosy houses in which to shelter from the eternal cold they encounter on a daily basis. That's why we can see an infinity of furniture and untreated wooden objects in their homes. Including natural elements is the perfect way to add warmth to any room.

If you want to transform your living room into a very "cozy" place and leave behind the cold feeling you get as soon as you enter, a solid natural wood piece of furniture will be your great ally.

It is the most sustainable option

Another of our main reasons, and one that we never lose sight of, is that furniture made from untreated wood is the most sustainable option. They are more environmentally friendly and less toxic, as well as offering endless recycling possibilities. If we can avoid paints, varnishes or lacquers, it will always be better.

In addition, they are also sustainable furniture over time, as untreated solid wood is a natural material that is very durable and resistant to the passage of time and gains over the years. If we add this to a timeless design, we have a piece of furniture that will be with us for many years to come. And if you need to give your home a new look and the time comes to change it, this wood can be recycled or used for energy recovery - all advantages for our environment!

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It is customisable

The choice is yours! If you prefer to give it your own personal touch, there are ecological oils, varnishes and paints that give wonderful results. Best of all, you can choose to paint it however you like. We love to see how you bring out your inner artist when you share with us photos of our TV furniture or wooden sideboards in your home that you've given your own personal touch - and the options are endless! You can choose between varnishes, paint it in one colour or even, if you dare, with geometric shapes or drawings.

And you, do you like natural wood as much as we do?

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