Mediterranean Furniture

Naan was born as a tribute to sustainability, nature and design. Our intention is to make you part of this feeling. We are passionate about untreated natural wood, purity and authenticity in design, in Naan all furniture is handmade in our city, Valencia Spain.

Mediterranean furniture that transmits warmth and transports the spirit of our city to any home. For a Slow life, where quality and the way are more important than quantity.

As sustainable as possible

We care about the forests of today, but above all, the forests of tomorrow. That's why we work with natural pine wood with PEFC certification and collaborate with @greenpark The Tree Planting Organization, where for every piece of furniture you buy we plant 5 trees.

We design and manufacture our furniture collaborating with local artisans and all our shipments have a Carbon Neutral Footprint. In addition, we are on our way to achieve the total elimination of plastics in our packaging and to be able to say that we are Zero Waste.