Buy online wooden vases to decorate your home

Discover our selection of wooden vases online and add a touch of warmth and elegance to your home decor, allowing you to explore a wide variety of options and find the perfect piece to suit your style and preferences. You can use them to display a variety of floral arrangements, from fresh flowers to dried flowers.

Types of wooden vases

Natural wood vases are a perfect decorating option that adds a touch of nature to any space. There are different types of wooden vases depending largely on the decorating style you wish to achieve as well as the size and shape of the vase you need.

Rustic wooden vases

Rustic wooden vases are a versatile choice for adding a touch of style to your decor. Their rustic, handcrafted look makes them stand out and add a cozy touch to any space.

Sizes and styles: wooden floor vases and more

Wooden vases of different sizes, from small to large, adapting to different corners of your home. They also come in various shapes to suit any decorating style, from rustic and natural to minimalist. Whether you want to accent a corner or add a natural touch to your decor by adding natural or dried flowers, wooden floor vases are an elegant and timeless choice.

Large wooden vases

Large wooden vases are versatile and eye-catching decorative elements that can completely transform the ambiance of any place where they are placed. This size allows them to become centerpieces in interior decorating individually or to display floral arrangements.

Handcrafted wooden vases

Our wooden vases are unique handcrafted pieces that stand out for their natural beauty and the craftsmanship with which they are created. Hand-carved by skilled artisans who carefully select the wood, each wooden vase is an expression of creativity.

Frequently asked questions about natural wood vases

How to care for your natural wood vase?

Clean dust with a soft cloth; use very fine sandpaper or an eraser for small stains and scratches; avoid placing it in direct sunlight and strong sources of heat or humidity. For a natural or custom look we recommend using oil, wax or varnish.

Are wood carved vases durable?

The durability of a wood carved vase depends largely on the quality of the wood as well as the care. If quality wood is used, cleaned regularly and given proper treatment, wooden vases can be long-lasting decorative pieces in your home.

How to choose square or round wooden vases?

It will depend on your preferences and decorative needs. Square wooden vases offer a more modern look, perfect for a contemporary setting. Round wooden vases have a soft feel, perfect for more classic settings.

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