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Perfect for the living room or a bedroom, whether you're looking for a practical piece of furniture or a lover of reading, our solid natural wood bookcases and bookcases are designed to fit any space and any lifestyle. Made in different sizes, you can create compositions with their 5 or 10 sliding doors to give a personal touch, as well as bring a natural and warm look to your home.

Solid untreated pine wood shelving and bookcases

Untreated pine wood shelving and bookcases are an excellent choice when looking for a versatile and natural storage solution for the home or office. These shelves are made from wood without any finish applied, giving them an authentic, natural and warm look. They are characterized by their beauty and durability, in addition to offering the possibility of being customized.

How many kg can the bookcases hold?

The weight capacity of a shelf/bookcase can vary depending on the type of shelf, its design, materials used and the way it is installed. Naan shelving, depending on the size, has a load capacity of 55 - 70 kg.

Can the shelving be painted?

Yes, untreated pine wood offers the possibility of being customized. You can choose to leave it in its natural state or apply a finish according to your preferences, such as varnish, paint or oil, to highlight its color and protect it against wear and tear.

How to attach a shelf to the wall?

The large shelving are anchored to the wall by means of two brackets with stainless steel guides. Each of them is placed in the upper corner with the help of two 4 x 50 mm screws. The small shelving are fastened by means of a bracket placed in the central upper compartment, with the help of two 4 x 50 mm screws.

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