6 habits for a more sustainable daily life

February is over, resolutions are halved but for those of you who still have on your list to be more sustainable this year, here are some hints on where to start!


New brands that cut costs or the fast fashion phenomenon, make us get bored very quickly with the products we buy due to lack of personality, quality or differential factor, and we end up entering the cycle of constant use and throw away due to the "need" to replace them. What solution do we give you? Buy quality, durable, designer products and leave aside the brands that prioritise quantity at any price.


It is time to become aware of what we really need to live. Sometimes we create needs for ourselves, we believe we cannot live without certain products, but nothing could be further from the truth. Many times they are simply routines that we have adopted, laziness, comfort. When you go shopping, ask yourself one question: Do I really need it?


Who would you rather support: brands that grow by exploiting our resources or those that choose the responsible path? Every purchase we make is a choice about the kind of world we want. At Naan we are clear about our values, even if that means our path is slower.


The key moment is when it's time to do the shopping. How can we be more sustainable? We can start by replacing plastic bags with cloth bags, both for general shopping and for each product. A good option is to buy in bulk, so we can choose the quantities we want and not end up throwing food away, and we can also take our own packaging with us.

The same goes for hygiene products. There are many shops where you can refill bottles, or if you don't have one within reach, you can choose brands that use biodegradable packaging, or even make your own.


(Unless it is ecological). You have been pursuing this goal for a long time, but changing routines is hard, and this one is hard. But walking to work or cycling is the best decision we can make for our health and that of our planet. It is also an opportunity to enjoy the walk, organise our day and discover areas of the city we didn't know.


Did you know that the first cause of pollution is livestock farming? One measure we can take is to reduce our meat consumption little by little, incorporate more vegetables, fruit and cereals in our daily lives, there are thousands of super tasty recipes that don't need meat! Trying to buy local is also a good measure, as we eliminate all intermediary transports and choosing seasonal products will help us avoid greenhouse crops or importing them from other countries.

What did you think of these habits and do you already have any of them in your daily life? Tell us about them on RRSS, we'd love to hear from you!

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