Our commitment to nature.

Wood is an incredible material with which to make and design furniture; noble, warm, lively and resistant, it is perfect for bringing that natural touch to our homes. However, wood is not infinite and obtaining it can cost our planet a very high price.

At Naan we are proud to be able to work with this raw material and we are aware of our responsibility towards nature. That is why all our furniture is made from PEFC certified sustainable wood.


What is PEFC?

The world's leading partnership for sustainable forestry.

muebles de madera sostenible certificado PEFC

"PEFC is the world's most widely established forest certification scheme. PEFC's aim is to ensure that the world's forests are managed responsibly, and that they are protected for present and future generations".

At Naan we are committed to our customers to ensure that they are making a sustainable purchase. PEFC-certified wood guarantees that you are buying products from responsibly managed forests, thus avoiding illegal and uncontrolled logging. In addition, our forest resources fulfil important functions such as:

  • Contribute to the maintenance of numerous ecosystems and biological diversity..
  • Being the economic livelihood of many rural populations and the origin of a very important processing industry..
  • To have an increasingly recognised social and cultural role.

    We want every Naan purchase to be a respectful purchase, from the ecological raw material to the artisan and local production. Each piece of Naan furniture is a contribution to the conservation of our forests and to the fabric of local commerce.

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