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What would you say if we told you that there is a way to have wooden furniture without harming the environment? Wood that, in order to obtain it, does not damage our forests and is not part of labour exploitation. Wood that does not come from plantations on burnt or exploited land, wood that is sustainable and respectful of our planet. That would be great, wouldn't it?

We are aware that sustainability is the way forward, the only way forward if we want to take care of our planet. That is why at Naan all the wood we use in our furniture comes from responsibly managed forests. For us there is no other option.

PEFC-certified wood

If you haven't heard of this certificate, we'll explain it to you. The wood with this certificate comes from responsibly managed forests, protecting the ecosystem and biological diversity.

With this wood we avoid illegal logging as well as being the economy of many rural populations. We know that things made quickly and cheaply often coincide with raw materials that are not very respectful of the environment and sometimes with unfair treatment of working conditions. And we cannot live oblivious to this, which is why one of our main values is sustainability and the fair treatment of raw materials.

mesa madera sostenible


A Naan home is a sustainable home

The home of the future is a sustainable home. That's why we want to be part of your future, and your present, by filling a gap in your home, making our way together towards a more conscious world.

Furniture accompanies us for a long time, years, and is something we see every day when we enter our homes, reminding us of who we are. That's why we love to feel that the homes we are part of are places where peace reigns, where there is a place for sustainability, where we connect with nature and where we leave a sustainable and ecological footprint.

Will you join us?

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