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personalizar muebles de madera natural DIY

All our furniture and decorative designs have a natural finish. Natural or raw wood is a noble, warm and versatile material.

Untreated wood allows the end customer to personalise and give a final touch to the furniture to their taste.  Of course, it can be kept untreated but, being a "living" material, the colour of your furniture may change over time..

To maintain their original colour, there are specialised products for their conservation. Such as oils, varnishes or waxes.

But, if you want to bring out your creative and handyman side, you love DIY or you just want something different, Naan furniture is also perfect for you.

personalizar muebles de madera natural DIY

Combining natural wood with the colours that decorate your living room is an incredible option to make your furniture stand out.

From details such as legs, shelves or frames, to entire doors. The combinations are countless, as many as you dare to imagine.

You can paint the wood and get different finishes depending on the product.

From paints that completely cover the material to stains that, despite giving the wood a bright colour, allow the natural grain to remain visible.


How can I decorate my Naan furniture?

We want to give you some ideas, a little inspiration to let your creativity fly and make your furniture 100% your own.

To give colour while maintaining the grain.

If you like the wood's texture, grain and natural lines but want to add a touch of colour, we recommend a wood stain.

This material is very easy to find in DIY and decoration shops. You will need:

  1. Dye in the colour of your choice.
  2. Brush.
  3. Varnish or wax to seal the colour.

It is also very easy to apply.

  • Use the brush for the first coat and always paint in the same direction as the grain.
  • The intensity of the colour will depend on the number of coats you apply.
  • It is advisable to apply a final coat of colourless varnish or wax to protect the furniture and the colour of the stain.

madera teñida nogal

Walnut stain

madera teñida roble

Oak stain

 madera natural

Natural wood

personalizar muebles de madera natural DIY

Fleur Paint @Pintarsinparar

  • Colour with more coverage.

Paints with decorative finishes are ideal for taking risks and going a little further. We recommend them for combinations between colour and natural wood and contrasting textures.

For example:

  • Details on tops and sides. Geometric patterns, stripes or fully painted pieces.
  • Legs, handles and edges. Combine the colours of your living room with the furniture, without losing the freshness of natural wood.
  • Go a little further. This type of paint offers different finishes depending on the material.
-Chalk Paint - Matt, chalky finish.
-Eggshell - Satin.
-Other finishes: metallic, shiny, weathered...

personalizar muebles de madera natural DIY

Different finishes in white

personalizar muebles de madera natural DIY

Chalk Paint

personalizar muebles de madera natural DIY

Chalk Paint

These are just some of the ideas we can give you, but the possibilities are as many as you can imagine. :)

If you have any doubts or new questions, we are here to help you!

And above all, we love to see how you personalise and finish your furniture! If you would like to show us your artwork or want us to share it on social media, you can write to us at or to our instagram profile @naanfurniture.



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