How to decorate with Mediterranean style?

Naan was born from the passion for furniture, simplicity and the story behind each one of them. Our purpose is to bring a little piece of the Mediterranean to every home, sharing the passion for the natural and for a conscious and unhurried life. We want to move away a little bit from what is established by big brands and get closer to homes in a closer way.

We were born in the Mediterranean and we have lived it since we were children, it is part of us, of our essence, of our daily life. The design and elaboration of each piece of furniture travels through a process full of feelings and sensations in Valencia, Spain. Inspired by the natural beauty, the charm of the sea, nature and travel, we seek to bring the warmth and beauty of the wonderful corners of the Mediterranean to every home.

Costa Brava
Costa Brava

 In this article, we invite you to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean essence, not only as a style of decoration, but as an authentic lifestyle, where the sea and the sun are the protagonists. 

When designing a piece of furniture we are transported to those summer days when life seems to stop: endless sunny days, the sea, its breeze and endless beaches; the peace of the vacations, the wonderful baths in crystal clear waters, the tingling of the sand, the sunsets and one of those naps that you know when they start but not when they end.

Our mission is to make you participate in all those unique feelings through our furniture so that you can conceive your home as a cozy place to disconnect.

Costa Brava

Mediterranean decoration is characterized by its warm charm, the use of wooden furniture, soft lighting and light colors that create a relaxed and simple atmosphere. Whether through furniture with natural materials, handcrafted decorative elements or natural textiles we can recreate that sense of peace that this style evokes.

In fact, our admiration for nature and the sea is so deep that each of our furniture is named after a Mediterranean corner. Here are some of the characteristics that make this style unique:

1 | Lighting:

The Mediterranean style is characterized by its abundant natural light and beautiful sea views. Large, bright spaces are highlighted in the home by using light curtains, large windows and sliding doors that allow light to flow. In addition, the use of candles can provide soft, soothing light, especially on evenings outdoors.

2 | Light colors:

The Mediterranean style is based on soft and warm tones that evoke the calm of the sea and the sky. White is the quintessential color, often combined with blue, beige/sand or terracotta, and olive green, creating an atmosphere of peace.

3 | Natural Materials:

Rustic materials and natural finishes are essential in Mediterranean style. At Naan, we carefully select untreated, high-quality solid wood for our furniture. These woods bring warmth and a natural look to spaces, while also complementing beautifully with other materials such as stone, marble, and terracotta. Natural accents like wicker, rattan, and jute also stand out.

Casa l'horta

4 | Textiles:

Among the textiles, linen and cotton are the favorites due to their pleasant texture and elegant drape. Lightweight and airy fabrics stand out, as well as linen or cotton curtains, which allow natural light to flood the interior spaces. Moreover, carpets featuring ethnic designs add personality.

Casa l'horta

5 | Presence of vegetation:

Nature is an indisputable ally of the Mediterranean style, and at Naan, we encourage you to integrate plants and flowers into your decoration to bring freshness to the interior. You can place ceramic pots with plants in the corners or hang creepers on the walls. Vegetation enhances the aesthetics of any space by adding life and freshness.

6 | Decorative details:

Decorative and artisanal elements add character to spaces. At Naan, we value craftsmanship and ensure to include unique handmade pieces. In this style, you can find hand-painted ceramics, wooden or terracotta vases, wicker baskets, and clay bowls, adding an traditional touch.

 7 | Architectural Details:

Built-in furniture add a rustic touch while giving personality to the space. The common materials used for this purpose are drywall, plaster, or gypsum. Natural stone walls, exposed beams, arched doorways, rounded corners, and arched windows are distinctive elements of the Mediterranean style that bring texture and authenticity to the space. Additionally, it's common to find outdoor terraces that become additional living areas, allowing for enjoyment of the climate.

 8 | Simplicity:

Simplicity is a distinctive feature of this style, "less is more." Clean lines avoid visual clutter, creating spacious areas that provide a sense of tranquility.

9 | Stone Floors:

While in cities, wooden or laminate floors are traditional, in Mediterranean homes, light-toned stone takes the spotlight. It's a flooring option that withstands moisture well and is easy to clean.

In short, through this article we wanted to convey the meaning that this style has for us. It is a philosophy of life that seeks to connect with nature and convey a sense of peace by creating a cozy and homey atmosphere.

It is ideal for those who are looking for a relaxed decoration and want to live in an eternal summer :)



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