Discover the unique charm of our new shelving collection

Home is our refuge, the epicenter of who we are and the objects that surround us become an essential part of this unique feeling.

At Naan, we understand the importance of creating a truly unique and welcoming space. We present our new collection of shelves, designed to organize your spaces in the best way, in addition to giving a distinctive touch to your home. 

A versatile collection

Following the success of our latest natural wood shelving, we have further expanded our collection with new sizes. The Mica, Porter, Morell and Morella collection stands out as a versatile, Mediterranean and minimalist option, perfect for the living room, dining room, bedroom or any space in the home.

Each piece is unique and special, made from PEFC-certified solid pine wood, ensuring that it comes from responsibly managed forests.

Customization: Mica, Porter, Morell and Morella

The Porter and Morella shelves allow to customize them with the option of 3 or 6 sliding doors of our beautiful lattice and mallorquina, giving the opportunity to give free rein to creativity. Their size is perfect for large spaces that want to have everything at hand and well organized.

In smaller versions are Mica and Morell, their 3 sliding lattice or mallorquina doors allow you to customize the look of the shelving to suit the style of each home. The versatility of these doors gives the freedom to easily adjust the look of each storage space.

Their more compact design is specially designed to fit into smaller spaces. Mica and Morell not only optimize space, but also elevate the aesthetics of the environment, creating a harmonious balance between functionality and design. Discover how these shelves can transform smaller spaces into stylish and organized areas.

Minimalist elegance and warm tones

The warm tones of our untreated natural wood blend with the minimalist elegance of our collection, creating a cozy space in the home. Natural wood brings warmth and beauty to any space. Its unique grain, colors and textures make each piece of furniture special and appealing.

Adaptability and practicality: the perfect piece for your home.

With our shelves you can display decorative wooden objects, photo frames, books or plants adding a personal and practical touch. They are not only functional storage pieces, but also design elements that add that touch of personality and warmth.

Beauty and sustainability: Unique natural materials

Enjoy the beauty and sustainability of natural materials through unique and timeless storage furniture. Each shelf is a commitment to sustainability and quality. Did you know that for every order generated on our website we plant 5 trees in collaboration with Greenpark?

Discover how our collection of solid wood shelving can transform your space into a truly personal retreat! 

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