Mundina sideboard




Ancho: 180 cm 
Profundidad: 35 cm 
Altura: 113 cm 

El aparador alto Mundina es el más grande de nuestros aparadores. Dispone de 6 espacios de almacenaje semiocultos por sus 3 puertas correderas de celosía mediterránea. Por otro lado, tiene 3 espacios visibles en la parte superior para decorarlo como más te guste.

Esto lo convierte en una solución de almacenaje funcional, que además aportará calidez y un toque natural a tu hogar.

Fabricado en madera maciza de pino sin tratar, un material natural muy duradero y resistente que puedes cuidar aplicando barniz, aceite o cera. El diseño de las puertas imita las clásicas ventanas mediterráneas.

Diseñado y fabricado en Valencia, España :)

Instrucciones de montaje

Your furniture will arrive to you in approximately 15 days. Although this is the time we need to produce it, pack it and send it to your home, whenever we can, we will get it to you a little earlier :)

For the preservation of the natural wood of your furniture we advise you:

  • Wipe off dust with a soft cloth.
  • Use very fine sandpaper or an eraser for surface stains and small scratches.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and strong heat sources.

For optimum protection we recommend using an oil, wax or varnish. With these you can either preserve the original natural look or give it your own personal touch.

You can find more information about these products in our Editorial.

Our star material is undoubtedly the lattice doors, also known as "fresquera". It has its origins in the tradition of the old Mediterranean "refrigerator" furniture, which, thanks to its highly functional design, kept food fresh inside.

Our latticework is entirely handmade by expert cabinetmakers and craftsmen of our land. When you take home one of our pieces of furniture, you also take home a piece of Mediterranean history.


The origin of our materials is very important to us. Our wood is sustainably sourced, completely natural and of the highest quality.

We believe in the soul and warmth of the natural finish, the charm of the grain of solid wood and the possibilities it offers.

We want you to fall in love with your furniture and put the finishing touches to it yourself.

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