Pack of Vases Faro I


This handcrafted piece are meticulously turned in a wood workshop located in Valencia, Spain, using untreated natural pine wood.

The piece features an upper opening designed to accommodate a glass container, allowing you to add water and showcase plants or flowers beautifully.

Each vase travels through a careful work process, from the initial design concept to having it in your hands.

Elevate the aesthetics of your living space by adorning our furniture with this charming vases. Whether placed atop our sideboards or TV consoles, it effortlessly enhance any setting. Furthermore, this piece seamlessly integrate into our bookcases, fitting snugly within their compartments and becoming impeccable companions to your display.

The origin of our materials is very important to us. Our wood is of sustainable origin, totally natural, and of the best quality.

We believe in the soul and warmth of the natural finish, the charm of the solid wood grain, and the possibilities it offers.

We want you to fall in love with your furniture and give it the ultimate personal touch to its finish.

For the conservation of the natural wood of your furniture we recommend:

- Clean the dust with a cloth or soft cloth.
- Use very fine sandpaper or an eraser for surface stains and small scratches.
- Avoid placing it under direct sunlight and strong heat sources.

For optimal protection, we recommend using oil, wax, or varnish. With them, you can both preserve their original natural look and give them your own personal touch.

For more details, see our natural wood care guide.

Our star material, without a doubt, is the lattice door, also called "fresquera". It has its origin in the tradition of the old Mediterranean "fridge", which kept fresh food inside thanks to its highly functional design.

Our latticework is entirely handmade by expert cabinetmakers and craftsmen of our land. When you take home one of our furniture, you also take home a piece of Mediterranean history.

Your furniture will arrive in approximately 15 days. Although it is the time we need to produce it, pack it and have it travel to your home, whenever we can, we will make it arrive a little earlier :)

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