New interior collection

Our eco-friendly natural wood furniture decorates and brings versatility to any space in your home. Whatever your needs, decorate with style and respect for the environment.

After months of design and work, we are happy to present a preview of our new interior collection. Solid pine wood and an elegant aesthetic with a strong character are the protagonists of this collection.

Pada, Nova and Olivera! Three pieces that will leave no one indifferent. They will become essential furniture for the decoration of your living room. 

Each piece has been designed to merge design and durability in perfect harmony. We combine unique shades, quality wood and functional design to give life to spaces with a distinctive personality.

In addition, we offer the possibility of two different finishes! Varnished or unvarnished, your choice!


TV furniture is a functional and aesthetic element that contributes to the order and design of the living room space. In our natural wood TV furniture you will find the storage option that best suits your needs and your decorating style.Pada TV stand made entirely of solid natural pine wood. Its simple lines highlight every detail, making it a unique piece. Its sturdy 3 cm thick structure, distinctive legs and cantilevered top, will not go unnoticed.

Not only does it offer versatility with a Mediterranean and elegant touch, but it also stands out for its commitment to sustainability.

In addition, the four doors with push-open and brake-lock system, along with the four internal compartments, offer a practical and tidy solution for storing electronic devices and other other decorative objects.

It will not only provide functionality and style, but also the assurance of acquiring a solid, quality piece for your home for many years to come. 


Who doesn't need a coffee table? Wooden coffee tables are essential furniture in any room of the house.They are multifunctional pieces of furniture that offer a variety of uses in the living room.

They serve as a support surface, provide additional storage space and facilitate a central meeting point. In addition, they are ideal for displaying decorative elements and complementing the overall design of a living room.

Introducing Nova and Olivera, two low tables of different sizes; their distinctive and unique design make them the perfect choice for any space.

The combination of the natural essence of pine wood with a robust design results in two coffee tables with a light appearance. They integrate into all spaces providing personality thanks to their noble materials.

We strive to provide furniture that will last a lifetime while being environmentally friendly. We use noble, sustainable and quality materials for their durability, beauty and connection to nature.

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