6 tips to combine white bedroom and natural wood

The combination of white and natural wood in the bedroom is one of the most popular trends.

The purity and brightness of white and the warmth of natural wood make the space a cozy place to unwind. At Naan Furniture we have all the essential natural wood bedroom furniture.

We bet on wood, not only brings warmth, but also makes the spaces more comfortable. Decorating only in white reflects a modern style, while wood, for its texture and shades, is softer and cozier.In this article, we offer you 6 tips so you can create a perfect bedroom combining these two elements.

1. Choose the right wood tones

Natural wood comes in many different shades, from lighter ones like pine to darker ones like walnut. For a white bedroom, lighter tones tend to create a more spacious feel, while darker tones add contrast.

We go for pine, it is known for its durability, versatility and aesthetic appeal. It has a distinctive texture with visible knots that give it a unique charm.

2. Use wood furniture as key pieces

In a white bedroom it is important to incorporate wooden furniture such as the bed, nightstands, closets or wall headboards.

Our Azahar natural wood headboard is a decorative and functional element. Its lattice design adds texture and a touch of sophistication to the bedroom. We love the contrast between different materials or surfaces, and how they add character to any room.

In addition to headboards, nightstands also play an important role in the bedroom. Our Tabarca nightstand or our Ifach floating nightstand add a warm and natural touch to any space, combining functionality and style in one piece of furniture.

3. Combine with white and natural textiles

If we have white as the main color and wood as a complement, we must choose well the decorative accessories.

To maintain harmony in the bedroom, use white textiles such as bedding and combine it with rugs or curtains in neutral tones such as beige. In addition, natural fabrics such as linen or cotton complement the wood perfectly and add a cozy touch.

4. Play with lighting

Lighting is key to highlighting the combination of white and wood or decorating any space. Make the most of natural light with wide windows and light curtains. For artificial lighting, choose warm lights to create a cozy ambiance. Floor or table lamps with wooden bases can be an excellent choice, and pendant lights with wooden accents can become the focal point of the bedroom.

5. Add decorative elements

Incorporate decorative furniture such as stools or shelves and elements that reinforce the natural, such as plants or wicker baskets. These details not only complement the wood, but also add freshness and life to the space.

Our natural wood stools are the perfect complements to decorate any corner or use them as a side table where you can place plants or other decorative objects. 

Natural wood wall decorations also have an important function, they offer a practical and elegant solution to organize books, ornaments or personal items.

6. Balance colors and material

Although white and natural wood are the protagonists, don't hesitate to add other materials and colors. For example, in the cushions, you can incorporate soft tones such as olive green or light blue to bring a fresh and cozy touch.In short, the combination of white and natural wood in a bedroom is a safe bet to create a calm and elegant atmosphere. By following these 6 tips, you can achieve a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and cozy.

Decorate your bedroom now! :)

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